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480 Best Hand Picked Hard Work Quotess

Oxford defines Hard work as , “a great deal or effort or endurance”. What we’ve come to believe through research and experience, is both mentally a state of mind and what we physically exert. Well for something you believe in you have to work hard. Work hard for something you’ve planned and thought for. This

450 Best Funny Quotes

Quotes like exam funny Christmas quotes and sayings about friends on friendship about on life love in Urdu and Hindi about for on exams for girls school about brothers for friends with images good night smile Tagalog gym retirement cute cousins for kids Halloween tumblr, funny quotes about friends life lessons birthday on friends about

450 Best Nature Quotes That You Will Love To Share

THE MOST FAMOUS NATURE QUOTES (EINSTEIN, FEYMAN, LAO TZU, ETC.) A gift of God to all humanity is nature and we still destroy it. It is very importance for us to make our world look beautiful and needed to grow all our crops. There are different nature quotes beauty from different famous persons to develop

430 Deep Quotes That Will Expand Your Mind

Thinking Deep can profoundly change the way you feel, think, behave and transform your life. It encourages deeper living and enrich your life. Deep thinking means to think prevailing opinions, think beyond beliefs and preconceived ideas. It means the truth can unfold and to shed off false convictions. The only problem we had is that

390 Humility Quotes That Will Make You Feel Powerful

The quality of being humble is called Humility. Humility mean the recognition of self in relation to the God in a religious context. It is a quality of different types of leaders that is suggested after recent research. It is an important component that is overlooked when it come to know about the quality of

Best George Santayana Quotes

George Santayana was born on December 16, 1863 in Madrid Spain. His original name is Jorge Augustín Nicolás Ruiz De Santayana. He was a Spanish-American poet, philosopher and humanist. He made his important contribution to speculative philosophy, literary criticism and aesthetics. He resided in Europe from 1912 , chiefly in Italy and France. He settled permanently

Benjamin Franklin Quotes That Will Blow Your Mind

Benjamin Franklin was born on January 17, 1706. He is best known as one of the founding fathers who drafted the declaration of the constitution and the Independence of the United States. He was a polymath, a founding father, scientist, printer, diplomat and politician. He also negotiated 1783 Treaty of Paris. This treaty helped to

400 Quotes About Strength That Will Make You Strong

Mental strength is very much important to achieve your goals. The more likely you are to achieve better and bigger goals, the more stronger you are. To be successful mental strength is very much important. You likely to experience self doubt at one time or other, it is where mental strength plays an important role.

280 Sister Quotes That Will Make You Feel Lucky

The bond of a great sisterhood can never be underestimated. The reason your sister is important are not so much obvious. If you are asked about the most important person in your life, your sister may not be the first one to come to mind. You really hit the jackpot in the sibling department if

410 Death Quotes That Will Comfort You

Few years back death was part of daily life and when most people died at home. Nowadays you may never have seen a person die, people die in care homes or in hospitals. If you’re dying you may calm some of your fears as well as those of your family by understanding more about what